Hiring Freelancer for Satellite Project


I’m looking to hire a freelancer to assist with a website (“The Satellite Dashboard”) that features a Cesium visualization of satellites in orbit. The Dashboard is a joint project between the CSIS Aerospace Security Program and Secure World Foundation, with support from the CSIS iDeas Lab and University of Texas at Austin on development/design and data, respectively. The Dashboard is designed to show the current and historical position of satellite objects, allowing the user to filter and find detailed information about each object.

My team has completed the design of the project and started development, but needs some help implementing the Cesium visualization. We have a starting point of our satellite data being loaded in via an API and rendered by the Cesium viewer, but without the ability to move forwards/backwards in time in conjunction with the Timeline and load in historical position data where available.

The website as a whole is built in Nuxt.js and uses vue-cesium as a Cesium wrapper, so familiarity with Vue is preferred.

We’re hoping to hire someone to work on the project in November-December.

We’re looking to hire someone who can help us with these specific items:

  • Develop the satellite object data visualization portion of the Dashboard using CesiumJS, including:
    • Plotting satellites and their orbits. Data for satellite locations is provided via an API.
    • Propagating the location of satellites using the provided element data, including using historical data when available
  • Modifying the existing CesiumJS timeline to have the following functionalities (mockups of the desired completed timeline are available):
    • Adjust the speed of the timeline
    • Play/Pause the timeline
    • Indicate current timestamp
    • Change the scale of the timeline
  • Provide documentation for all components built as a part of the project

If you’re interested, please apply at CSIS.org or email me at jschrag@csis.org with your availability, rate, and examples of Cesium work.

Feel free to respond, email, or message if you have any questions!

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Have you guys seen these ones? Might be a good starting point for further enquiries;



Thanks, Alex! I have seen them. :smiley: Spent quite a bit of time digging through their code bases while I was setting up the project. One differing point of our project vs those is we’re not using TLEs for our data, but rather the derived values. So unfortunately the workflow of TLE --> satellite.js --> Cesium, doesn’t work for us and we’re hoping to find someone who can help us work through that bit of it.

You mean like this?

I’m interested I’m having around 6 month experience in cesium and more than 5 years in arcgis development.