home button default extent and fullscreen properties

When using the cesium viewer I have a default extent set for when the application opens but when I hit the home button it moves to the default extent set to that which is over the US. How do I change the default extent for the home button click?

Also when entering full screen mode all the viewer buttons appear but any added javascript features I have do not appear. How can I change the fullscreen properties to fix this?

I think Matt answered your other question about the default extent for the home button, but for the fullscreen issue:

The way the browser fullscreen API works is that you have to specify the root element that should become fullscreen. Any elements that are not descendants of that element won’t appear. In Viewer, by default, the fullscreen element is the container element passed to the constructor, but you can override this by specifying the “fullscreenElement” constructor option, or by changing the “fullscreenElement” property on the button’s viewModel.

You could try setting the fullscreenElement to document.body, which will make it so that the fullscreen button will use the entire HTML page as the fullscreen element:

var viewer = new Viewer(container, {

fullscreenElement : document.body



viewer.fullscreenButton.viewModel.fullscreenElement = document.body;


Okay thanks for your help!