how block tiling at certain level

Hi all.

Just a simple question:how is it possible to block the camera tiling when a specific LOD is obtained?

This question is related to the fact that seems that Cesium interpolates tile heightmaps from the heightmap max level till the level 19 (more or less 19) (i'm using the geoserver terrain plugin from the cesium official plugin list)

This causes some "maya piramid" effect that i want to avoid blockin the tiling when the max resolution of my heightmap is obtained.

Thx in advance

Hi Umberto,

If you were to limit the terrain level, that would also limit the imagery level that Cesium will show. I’m guessing that’s not what you want.

I haven’t noticed the “maya pyramid” effect you’re referring to, but I also haven’t used the geoserver terrain plugin. Perhaps it’s worth figuring out why that is happening?


Hello, you can define a max level of geoserverTerrainProvider with maxLevel parameter. See
By the way do you use bil/dds plug in in geoserver?