how can i change height difference

hi everyone

ı am import my mesh model in cesium. but height different as can be seen in the figure below

how can i fix it with code.

How are you loading this in Cesium? If it’s an entity you can simply define a height and a heightReference relative to ground.

If it’s an OBJ uploaded to Cesium ion ( you can click “Adjust tileset location” in the top right to position, rotate and scale it anywhere.

thanks omar.
ı used to cesium ion. I’ve tried.

actually. How can I do with cesium codes without using cesium ion

Omar Shehata, 3 Ara 2018 Pzt, 20:35 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

If you can provide more information about how you’re loading your model into CesiumJS I can give you some more specific suggestions. Can you post your code you’re using?