How can i get the smallest possible bounding recatngle around an ellipse?

Hey everyone!

We are trying to implement a Load on Demand logic for some of our entities. in case the ellipse is visually smaller than 50 pixels, I shall apply certain logic .
Edit: to clarify - if any axis of an ellipse is smaller than 50 pixels, i want to apply some logic.
however, I can’t seem to get the correct bounding box needed to calculate that. using BoundingRectangle or EllipseGeometry.computeRectangle will result in a rectangle aligned with the view, and not the ellipse (to say - visually, always parallel with my screen).
how can I get the smallest possible bounding rectangle?
using AxisAlignedBoundingBox won’t work, because i have no way to determine the max and min visual points of the ellipse.
am i thinking about this problem wrong? maybe a different approach is better here?
any help will be much appreciated!