How can I make cesiumJS use my own OSM Server?

Hi, I am very new at CesiumJS.
I tried hard to find how make CesiumJS use OpenStreetMap Server, but I failed to do it.

A. I followed below URL, So I finished to set up local OpenStreetMap Server
URL: Manually building a tile server (20.04 LTS) – Switch2OSM

B. I am using Cesium-1.107.1, And I acknowledged Widget.Viewer Constuctor option ImageryProvider deprecated.

So, I’d like to know

  • how can I load map data from local OSM Server to CesiumJS viewer via below
    viewer initialize code?

Also, Ultimately, What I want to do is

  • Use CesiumJS in closed network using local network OpenStreetMap Server

Oh. Never Mind. I got a solution.

For others.

Use Tileserver GL with mbtiles.

You get tiles here.

Serves raster and vector.

Make your own styles with maputnik

Make mbtiles from geojson with tippiecanoe

Serve with reverse proxy (ie nginx)

Include with:

const somename = viewer.imageryLayers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.UrlTemplateImageryProvider({url: '{z}/{x}/{y}.png'}));
somename.alpha = 0.5;