How can I visualize the underground space of a particular area?


April 16, there was a big earthquake in Japan.

Will be required visualization of underground space information for scientists.

I have searched this group, but did not seem for now solutions.

I want the ground to be transparent if possible.

Is there something a good idea?


Cesium doesn’t have built in support for something like this, but NICTA developed a ground push plugin here:

I’m not sure if it works with current versions on Cesium, but you may be able to adapt the code in that repository.



Hi Hannah,

Thank you for answering.

I’ve tried it.

Visualization of underground space information was successful.

However, it seems can not to Transparent for ground.

I want to WMS tile to display at the same time as the underground space information on the ground.

Nearer as a concept is the following URL.

However, this branch is very old version.

It is good if there is a diff patch of the latest version.

2016年4月22日金曜日 22時47分52秒 UTC+9 Hannah Pinkos:

Here are 2 global subsurface earthquake examples:

For access to models or published paper look for link in comments.