How do I import Cesium for one country

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to import Cesium for only 1 country? If so, how can I achieve that? Thanks

Hi there,

Can you add some additional detail on what importing 1 country would look like?

Hi, lets say that I wanted to import just France for example. I want it to only import that country without the rest of the world. Or if there is a way to import the whole globe and then delete everything except France. That would just have France and nothing else. I hope that I clarified myself. Thanks!

In that case, you will likely need an imagery provider which is constrained to just France (or the specific country of interest).

You can also limit the displayed globe to certain areas.

Hi, thank you! I am having trouble understanding what to do in order to in the link that you have sent me. Sorry I am new to all of this. Is there a video or something that could help me understand? And also a followup question. Could I import the one country to unreal engine after I make the changes? Thanks