How do I know the library version

I opened Cesium on the web page, pressed F12, and entered “CESIUM_VERSION”. It returned the version of the Cesium library as ‘1.105.2’. Now I want to know the Cesium library version for Cesium for Unreal. How can I do that?

Is Cesium library version,not Ceisum for unreal version,such as Cesium for unreal version is v2.4,now I want to konw the cesium lib’s version.

Hi @_O.o, welcome to the community!

The current version of Cesium for Unreal is shown at the bottom-right corner of the Cesium window, like so:

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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First of all, thank you for your response. However, I would like to know the version of the Cesium library used in the Cesium platform developed by the developer platform for web. For example, the version of the Cesium library used in the web-based Cesium platform is 1.105.2. So, how can I check the core version of Cesium for Unreal?

It sounds like you are looking for a “core library” that both web-based Cesium (CesiumJS) and Cesium for Unreal share?

If so, then no such library exists. Cesium for Unreal doesn’t share code with CesiumJS.

For reference, these are the latest versions of these two products
Cesium for Unreal → v2.5.0.
CesiumJS → 1.117.