How long until Cesium 1.35?

Hi, me and my friends from our discord server play on GeoFS. a lot of people are anxious to know how long until version 1.35. is there a rought estimate on when this version will be out?

Hi there,

We’re pleased you’re excited for our next release! Our release schedule is actually set – new versions come out on the first of every month. We always announce new versions on the forum and with a blog post listing the new features and changes introduced. The latest download is always available on our downloads page:

Stay excited, and please always feel free to contribute feedback!

  • Rachel

Minor correction, we release on the first business day of the month (also skipping American holidays). So 1.35 will actually be out on July 5th to account for US independence day, but then 1.36 will be out on August 1st (which is just a boring old Tuesday to most of the world)

Ok thanks for the imput