How to apply wireframe on terrain

Hello Everyone…

I’d like to make wireframe and show tile coordinates just like at STK terrain demonstration

I’ve read the wireframe is false in default condition

but how to make it active inside toggle for the checkbox?

(sorry if this is noob question for you, but for sure, I have no idea for this, It’s so much fun to learn cesium, I like it, It’s beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t have strong background at both webGL or javascript, so I don’t really understand how to apply the codes from documentation, and thanks anyway, I appreciate you guys)


You could take a look at how CesiumInspector does it:

In an app based on Viewer, you can get the globe from the Viewer’s scene.

var viewer = …

var globe = viewer.scene.globe;

globe._surface._debug.wireframe = true;


Is it require checkbox in div element?

I’ve tried it, but it didn’t work

Can I ask you something but out of the topics?

Where can I learn and mastering this cesiumjs (or some kind of this 3D mapping library)?

What must I start with?

I want to explore all of it

Thank a lot,