How to build newest cesium(cesium1.114)

download cesium1.114,when i use commond “npm run build”,it show me "npm ERR! Missing script: ‘build’
",so i open package.json,there is no build in scrips,i modify some code there,I would like to ask how to build it

If you’re looking to contribute to CesiumJS directly you can follow our contributing guide. If you’re looking to use Cesium in your own application you should not have to build it directly and can use the non package directly

It seems that you want to build a project with Cesium instead of building CesiumJS directly. If you are using Vite, try vite-plugin-cesuium-build. Or see the CesiumJS official tutorial about building with webpack.
If you are creating a library about CesiumJS, just make cesium external.