How to calculate GPS satellite position and show in Cesium.

I am playing abit around in my spare time with a rasp pi and a gps reciever. I was hoping that there are someone in this community that maybe want to help abit out with some background information as its not my main area of expertise.

I polling data from the reciever on unix using gpsd, using this script .

I found the following mathematics about calculating the position, - but I still have to really understand it as some of the variables are not clear to me. So maybe someone here as the experience to tell if all the infromation needed is accessible from gpsd or I also need other sources of data to calculate the satellites position.

To show the positions in cesium, i simply need to make sure that I use the same coordinate system, but this is also new to me :slight_smile:

If you know something, feel free to help out :slight_smile: Maybe we can make a cool demo that shows a gps receiver and connected satellites :slight_smile: