how to change marker

I have loaded some geojson points. They look like a default billboard. How do I change the icon instead of the default blip to an svg path or a different image?

You have three options.

  1. At load time you can specify the markerSymbol property, which is a maki icon id, on the options object (the second parameter to load). See this demo for a list of available icons (clicking on each one tells you the name). This sets the same symbol for all elements.

  2. After load is complete, iterate over the entities and set the entity.billboard.image property (which can be a url, canvas, or Image). Example 3 in this demo does something similar, but with polygon properties.

  3. If you have control over the GeoJSON files, you can annotate them with the simplestyle spec, which we also support. They will then come in already styled.

1 and 3 are limited to maki icons. 2 let’s you specify any image you want.