How to change the timeline to the way I need it

I found that in multiplied and non-looping cases, the timeline progress does not follow the pointer slider backwards, but the pointer slider moves backwards out of the user’s line of sight, which is a bad experience. I have looked through a lot of documents and materials but I can’t find a solution for this.
Does anyone know how to do it? Even if we can’t imitate the timeline in the link below, we should at least fix the problem that the timeline and the pointer slider are not moving in sync at multiplier speed.

One solution is given in this sample: [celestrak](CelesTrak Orbit Visualization referenceFrame=1)
But I can’t view its source code, can anyone provide me some ideas or methods? Thank you very much!

Hey there! I built that timeline, it’s closed source (we’re a very small company that does Cesium development). Would be happy to discuss licensing / source purchase if you’re interested.