How to configure Apache HTTP server for 3D tiles?

Hi all,

I’m using Apache HTTP server for Cesium development.

I downloaded all the 3D tiles for the New York City, and managed to successfully serve them locally (on my development machine via localhost:8000), using the Node.js server that comes provided with Cesium.

However, when trying to serve the same 3D tileset using my local Apache install, no 3D tiles are being rendered in the browser. So it must be a Apache configuration issue (I double-checked for other potential causes, such as the wrong path, etc.)

Eis the question: is there a step-by-step procedure that would explain how to configure/set up Apache so as to be able to properly serve 3D tiles as well?

(Due to a number of reasons, I’d prefer to continue using Apache (instead of Node.js) for Cesium server-side development.)



I did find this post:!searchin/cesium-dev/apache|sort:date/cesium-dev/OEzIEK6cpGY/C-R9BJsUCwAJ,

but it doesn’t really address the question (a step-by-step, easy to follow explanation of how to configure Apache to serve 3D tiles).

Did you download the files from this link: Those files are gzipped so you will need to tell your server to serve .b3dm and tileset.json as gzipped files.

The reason it works in Cesium’s local server is we auto detect if a file being served is gzipped and add the set Content-Encoding to gzip on the fly.