how to create a unpickable point

Hi Cesium-Team,

as far as a know, the "allowPicking" option is not available on the Entity API level, and only supported in Primitive API

But how to use the Primitive API to create a 3D point geometry with allowPicking = false?

some example code snippet would be very helpful.

Many thanks in advance,


I don’t see a way to set allowPicking from the Entity API either. I think this might be a straightforward feature to add, in that you’d add a property called “allowPicking” to Entity.js:

The actual primitives are then created in the visualizer classes:

So for example, for points, you’d go to the PointVisualizer and pass the new property you created to the primitive here:

It’d definitely be awesome if you can contribute that to Cesium! Check out the contributing guide for a place to start

For using primitives, this is my go-to guide for a reference on creating geometry with the primitive API:

Hope it helps!