How to get clipping plane edge info of point cloud data?


I want to show an 2d profile of imported point cloud data’s section.
Just like follow screenshot of potree

And i found ClippingPlaneCollection, the clipping edge like what i want, however i am
confusing about how to get every point info (X,Y,Z, color etc.) of clipping edge(red area in foloow screenshot), due to i want show the point info on 2d profile like potree did.

Cesium version: Lastest
Browser: Chrome

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

Hi I found the interesting demo video from this link.

Hope this helps you!

Hi Li_Mingjie, thanks so much for your reply.
CesiumJsStreetViewCameraController seemed get height/latitude/longitude etc. info from 3dtiles data’s properties (case when point cloud data, properties set in batchtable and featruetable of .pnts) .
*Similar to this sandcastle sample.
One point cloud data file may has several billion points, i don’t know what problem will happen if set properties in batchtable and featruetable for all several billion points.