How to get the coordinates of a Cesium3DTileFeature

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There are some small components in my model, such as a camera. I want to be able to add text prompts where the camera appears. So that people can see it better. If there is a way to get the location of these camera components. Then adding text prompts will save a lot of work.

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Remind users of the location of certain small components

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Cesium 1.48,windows 10,Chrome


So it looks like CesiumJS does not store the position info for features once loaded. The way we’ve handled that in the past is to add position info as a batch table property, so each building here as lat/long/height, and that allows you to right click to zoom to any building:

How did you create your tileset? If you uploaded CityGML to Cesium ion you should get the position info as a feature property like that.