How to get the ECEF center of a Tileset in the latest version?

I used to get the ECEF center of tileset using these codes:

But it turns out that can not be used in the 1.7.0 Cesium for Unreal, so how could I relace it?

If this is about the


call: The same can now be obtained with


Hi @Marco13
I tried as you said, replaced my code by:
But a new error occurred and these messages appeared:

use of undefied type ‘Cesium3DTilesSelection::Tileset’
see declaration of ‘Cesium3DTilesSelection::Tileset’

Did I miss something?

I don’t have an “external” project set up here right now, so only a quick guess:

Based on the error message the type Cesium3DTilesSelection::Tileset is simply not known at this point in your code. In order to make this type known, try adding the following includes in your cpp file:

#include <Cesium3DTilesSelection/Tileset.h>
#include <Cesium3DTilesSelection/Tile.h> // will probably also be needed

If that does not solve the problem, I’ll have a closer look.

@Marco13 Now it works just fine, thank you very much!!!