How to Import a WMTS layer into cesium?

I want to import a flat WMTS map layer into cesium for unity. Is there any way to do this? Here is the request format:{zoom}/{tilex}/{tiley}.png

If there isnt any way to do this in the base api, can I extend the api to allow it to do this? I can’t use Cesium Ion to upload because there is no way to mass-upload OSM map tiles.

Hi @Oliver_Zhang,

Unfortunately we do not support WMTS in Cesium for Unity yet. We have a Github issue open for it here.

However, we’d welcome a community contribution for this! It would involve creating a new class that inherits from CesiumRasterOverlay, with a C++ implementation to add the raster overlay in Cesium Native. If you’re up for it and would like to contribute, let us know on the Github issue and we can help. Thanks!