How to load a local 3D model

1. A concise explanation of the problem you’re experiencing.

Hello, hope you can help me

I’m trying to load a custom 3D model on the globe

When I load a sample from cesium it shows correctly

//this.loadModel(marker.nombre,’…/…/SampleData/models/CesiumBalloon/CesiumBalloon.glb’,marker.geometry.coordinates[0],marker.geometry.coordinates[1],0); (this works)

but when I load my model It is not showed, even when it is a simple cube made in blender and I located it in the same folder

here is my code.

//this.loadModel(marker.nombre,’…/…/SampleData/models/Bienestar/blender.glb’,marker.geometry.coordinates[0],marker.geometry.coordinates[1],0); ** (don’t work) **

I check the answers from this forum and some talks about problems with local paths so I created a server

this.loadModel(marker.nombre,‘’, marker.geometry.coordinates[0],marker.geometry.coordinates[1],0); ** (don’t work)**

But it is still showing this error

Cesium.js?367c:119152 RuntimeError {name: “RuntimeError”, message: “Failed to load model:”, stack: “Error↵ at new RuntimeError (webpack-internal://… at processQueue (webpack-internal:///238:1122:4)”}

What can I do??

Hi Mayra,

See my answer in this thread.

Generally, please open a new thread and don’t append new questions to related threads. It helps out others who may have a similar question.