How to present vector when under the Terrain

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I have a trajectory czml file which the altitude is 0, and attempt to test it in Cesium 1.20. When I call the terrain model by code, the red lines and billboards can be shown completely (shown.png). But if I select the terrain model from baseLayerPicker, the red lines and billboards would be hidden by terrain model. What is the reason? How should I do if I want to select the terrain model from baseLayerPicker and display the czml file properly at the same time?

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We don’t currently have support for visualizing lines on terrain. It is part of our ‘Vector Data on Terrain’ roadmap, and we hope to have this functionality complete within the year. There are just a few difficult problems we need to solve to make sure we draw everything as efficiently as possible. Keep an eye on this issue for updates:




I solve the problem which is set scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain to false each time when I change the base layer. Thanks for you and your colleagues’ assistance~



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