How to rebuild Cesium with the new code in package/engine?

  Hello, There is a question that if I modify a *.js file in package/engine, then rebuild it, I will get a bundle, but this bundle do not contain my modification, could you tell me why? 
The build bundle seems to use the "@cesium/engine" with version of 2.2.0, so it means whatever I modify in package/engine, it will not work, so how should I do to make it use the new js file to rebuild?
 Thank you for every one's time to reply.

Hi there,

Are you using the source code from GitHub or the npm package?

Hi, Yes I use the code from the fork version of Cesium.js github: GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium: An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps
and use npm i to install then run build script,
Please could you tell me is there anything wrong I do?

Hi there, Now I have found the solution, is just to use cmd.exe to run build or build-release, like the flowing:

For it will take less resource and get a complete bundle, previously I use compile to build which is usually crashs.

Thank again for everyone’s time.