how to remove the skirt between terrain tiles

Hi everyone

I’m trying to set the globe surface transparent to visualize some subground entity by modifying the source code as the translucent-terrain branch did.

In detail, I modified the GlobeSurfaceTileProvider.js, GlobeFS.glsl, createVerticesFromHeightmap.js and createVerticesFromQuantizedTerrainMesh.js as the branch suggested.

The globe surface is now semi-transparent but there are white cracks between tiles.

I guess it is skirts between tiles. (Or it is become there are no skirts between tiles that the white cracks emerge)

I try to fix this by setting the depthMask inGlobeSurfaceTileProvider.js to true.

It does remove a lot of white cracks (eeven I don’t know why), but there are still some white cracks can not be removed.

This following are the white cracks that can not be removed.

I forgot to ask the question:
Can I remove the white cracks or are there any other solutions to make surface translucent?


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