How to represent moving objects in a top-down view

Hi, I want to use cesium to represent moving objects, similar to how military entities are represented in 00:30 of the following video:

I’m wondering:
(1) Where can I find the sample project/level shown in 00:30 in the video above? I looked into Project Anywhere XR (Project Anywhere XR | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation) but was not able to find the same scene.
(2) Is there a tutorial that I can follow to reproduce what’s shown at 00:30 in the video?


I think what I ask for is similar to Entities in CesiumJS (Creating Entities – Cesium). Just wondering if this is implemented in Cesium Unreal?

Hi @megamo486 ,

Cesium for Unreal does not have an “Entity API” like CesiumJS, but does have a tutorial for placing objects in the world.

In theory, Cesium could be used for the rendering the world, and you would create the app logic for the “moving objects” (Unreal actors with Billboard components?).

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I see! I will try to implement it in UE. I just figured that I’d better ask and make sure that such functionality is not already implemented, so I won’t be reinventing the wheel.

Thank you!