How to set Frustum Geometry orientation to be the same as the Camera Orientation

Hi all,

I am currently having a hard time setting the Frustum Geometry orientation to be the same as the Camera Orientation. Here’s a snippet of my code:

const orientation = {
heading: Cesium.Math.Radians(headingDegree),
pitch: Cesium.Math.Radians(pitchDegree),
roll: Cesium.Math.Radians(rollDegree),

// Camera{
destination: origin,

const hpr = Cesium.HeadingPitchRoll.fromDegrees(headingDegree, pitchDegree, rollDegree)
const quaternion = Cesium.Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll(hpr)

// FrustumGeometry
const frustumGeometry = new FrustumOutlineGeometry({
orientation: quaternion


Here’s a screenshot of the result:

Screenshot from 2019-08-21 14-09-49.png

Origin is correct but the Frustum is facing a different direction. How do I set its orientation to be the same as that of the camera given the heading, pitch, roll? I hope someone can help me.

Thank you!


You can extract the frustum directly from the camera here:

Is this what you’re passing to the geometry constructor? You might also want to look into the 3D Tiles inspector, which already has a way to visualize the camera frustum:

If you click “Update” and “Freeze frame” and then zoom out you’ll see it. You can see the code that sets this up here:

Hi Omar,

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for this one. Though is there a way to edit the debugFrustumPlane color?


You might need to modify the default color in the source since it’s a private class: