How to show a 2.5D surface of raster above terrain layer in Cesium?

I’m developing an web application that will show surfaces of rasters and terrain. These rasters are on GeoTiff format. I learned from example
cesium can show image overlays earth surface.

The question is: How to drape a GeoTiff on elevation value provided by its pixel (like the render way of terrain layer) ? Is it possible to add a constant elevation offset to this layer above terrain layer in Cesium ?


I don’t think this functionality is currently supported by Cesium. We don’t currently have GeoTiff support, so you would need to convert that into a different imagery provider.



Thanks for your reply. May I ask one more question? If I convert some raster data into a imagery provider that Cesium supported, how should I implement it?
For example, I would like to show terrain layer of some region , and to add a temperature layer above terrain layer with a constant elevation offset. The temperature layer use its pixel value as heightmap.

chenliang Wang

Wang, did you ever solve this? I have similar needs, thanks!

Unfortunately, it still remains unsettled. Could you please let me know when you find a way to work it out .

Chen-liang Wang

Hi ChenLiang, Tyler,

If you do convert the GeoTiff into a Cesium supported imagery provider, you can layer them on the surface.

If you want a height offset, you probably need to create a new surface, most likely with the Entity API, and show the imagery on that. I’m not quite sure how you would create a heightmap on an object above terrain.