How to speed up tiles loading when fullscreenmode on the big screen?

Hi,we want show our 3D scene maked by cesium unreal on the big screen , it is configuration of our computer:
system: windows 10
cpu: 12th i7-12700
gpu: NVIDIR RTX A5000
resolution of big screen :10240×4320
the 3Dtiles load so slow even we can not see some changes when we play.
but when we use small screen with 1920*1080 resolution it is load quickly。
we try to change parameter of 3DTiles ,like
Maximum Simultaneous Tile Loads
Preload Siblings
Preload Ancestors
Maximum Screen Space Error
but no more effect.
can you give me suggestion about the 3Dtiles loading speed when high resolution.
thanks :slight_smile:

A 10240x4320 screen has over 21 times more pixels than a 1920x1080 screen, which means it will need to load over 21 times more data. So there’s no magic solution, the lower performance is inherent in the problem you’re solving. If you get to the point that the amount of mesh and texture data that needs to be uploaded to the GPU exceeds the GPUs memory, performance wil become truly terrible. An A5000 is a beefy GPU, of course, but consider that if a 4GB GPU is reasonable to render the 1920x1080 scene, you’d need over 85GB of GPU memory to fit the larger viewport.

May want to look into upscaling the output instead. For instance, using DLSS.

thank you bro , I will try this way