How to turn off top-down view when calling flyTo


there a way to set a different center point when calling camera.flyTo upon clicking a point on the globe? Currently, whenever I want to fly to a point, it rotates the globe to the top of the globe and remains in the view when flying to other points. How can I get the globe to rotate horizontally when flying to a point, rather than rotate vertically to the top of the globe.

I apologize if I'm using incorrect terminology.


I also wanted to include a snippet of my code so that you can see what I mean.

var position = entity.position.getValue(new Cesium.JulianDate());
position.z = 26555555.0;
self.viewer.selectedEntity = entity;{
    destination: position

Are you saying that you want to control the path the camera takes? Are you able to share a complete Sandcastle example ( of your code? You can click “share” in the top and paste your link here.

You might need to set a few control points, or write a controller to move the camera yourself if the default camera fly path doesn’t go where you want it to.You can see all the options on the flyTo here that lets you control the angle and height of the camera across the flight: