How to use arcgis rest server with TileMapServiceImageryProvider?

Hi, I want to learn the logic of TileMapServiceImageryProvider. Therefore I want to use TileMapServiceImageryProvider with
But I am getting output like this:
How can I get these two working properly?

In the future please provide some indication of what you have tried. In the example below, I used WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider.

const viewer = new Cesium.Viewer("cesiumContainer",);
const provider = new Cesium.WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider({
  layer: "World_Imagery",
  style: "default",
  tileMatrixSetID: "default028mm",
  format: "image/jpeg",
  credit: "Source: Esri, Maxar, Earthstar Geographics, and the GIS User Community",
const imageryLayers = viewer.imageryLayers;

Hope that helps.