i have a terrain file in .dem format , so my question is how can i put this file into cesium.

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Hi Arup,

You can upload it to Cesium ion, then process it, and stream it into a Cesium application.

Take a look at the ion Getting Started tutorial.



thank you for you response. …
i have a question on , converted the tif into terrain.
But, I am still stuck with .tif file.
I have tried my luck with Cesium Ion, but was unable to get the exact terrain location, and end up with the whole globe.
So, sir, it would be very kind act on behalf of you, if you could kindly enlighten me with the method, using which you were able to convert your .tif file into .terrain file.(so that I could be able to see all the elevations and dimenstions of the features of the earth surface)
I am in great need of this help.
Hope you will understand.
Thank You

Cesium is JavaScript library for rendering a virtual globe. You will always see a complete globe.

Were you able to successfully upload your file to Cesium ion?

When you click on the uploaded item in your “My Assets” list, does the scene on the upper right go to the location of your data?

Can you provide more information about your .tif file (using gdalinfo or QGIS)?


thanks scott… for response

is this possible to create my own terrain … without using a Cesium world terrain…?
i have only a dem file in the tiff format ( of the particular region ) .

i want to create a terrain for that region. i don’t want to use Cesium world terrain. …
i want to make my own terrain.

actually when i upload my dem file ( i.e tiff file) on Cesium ion and after upload and process… i open the code which is given below … in the Cesium sandcastle. … were i can see the whole globe. …

but i want see my particular location which i provide in dem file.
please help me out.
thank you.