IE11: Can not draw on map above version 1.45


I am using Cesium to draw some shapes to the world map. I am using a similar logic to the example given on the SandCastle.
(See link

This is important to mention that my application is suppose to be ran on IE11 as well as Chrome.

When running my code I get the following error.

This only happens on IE11.
After some investigating I think I have found the place where it broke (Something with the versions).

I have started going back in Cesium's versions, starting for the latest one (1.50) and going back.
Running the example above. It seems that all the way back to version 1.46 the problem happens, however, on version 1.45 the problem does not happen, and everything seems to be okay.

I need some features that are on the latest version (1.50) however it blocks me from using the drawing "feature" on this version, are there any suggestions?

What happens when you run that Sandcastle in IE11? I’m getting “DeveloperError: Picking from the depth buffer is not supported. Check pickPositionSupported.”.

It sounds like pickPosition isn’t supposed to be supported on IE11 ( Were you able to get that example running without modification in IE11 in version 1.45?