Image opacity

Hi Matthew,

We have a GE API based website that displays a variety of satellite images. We allow users to change the image opacity in order to overlay
multiple images. We are trying to migrate our application to Cesium and is looking for a similar solution in Cesium.

Our current applications are using Cesium KmlDataSource implementation to load a KML file on the globe. Then we want to adjust the opacity of the image (an icon from the GroundOverlay tag) loaded from the KML file.

My question are (1) How can we do that in the current Cesium version. (2) If it is not supported in the 1.6 release, are you going to support that feature in the next release?


  1. SingleTileImageryProvider is the best way to work with individual imagery on the globe and will allow you to adjust opacity, such as in this demo here: You may also be interested in the imagery tutorial:

  2. We definitely plan to fix this for the entity.polygon.material case (i.e. what you get when you load a KML polygon) keep an eye on