Import from CDN cesium@1.96 ,an error

Import from CDN cesium@1.96, An error importScripts failed for Workers/createVerticesFromHeightmap。
How to solve?

Similar error:

cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:30 Uncaught Error: importScripts failed for Workers/createVerticesFromQuantizedTerrainMesh at
    at makeError (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:30:1741)
    at req.load (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:13911)
    at Object.load (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:11762)
    at c.load (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:4812)
    at c.fetch (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:4751)
    at c.check (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:5004)
    at c.enable (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:7878)
    at Object.enable (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:10863)
    at c.<anonymous> (cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:31:7735)
    at cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js:30:1488

Issue reported - CDN. Version `1.96`. Workers don't work · Issue #10617 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub

Thanks for the report! We’re looking into this now.

Hi all, this should now be fixed. Thanks for your patience.