Import local terrain in Cesium for Unreal Engine 5

Hi everyone,

I would like to be able to import my own terrain and import it into Cesium for Unreal without using an internet connection.
I generated my terrain from a Geotif file using this github project : GitHub - tum-gis/cesium-terrain-builder-docker: Dockerfile for the geo-data/cesium-terrain-builder app with quantized mesh support.
I got the following result:

I then opened a local server on this folder and tried to import my terrain with this URL : http://localhost:3000/layer.json.

No error is displayed, but unfortunately I get the following result:


Could someone please explain the procedure for storing terrain data on a local server so that it can be imported into Cesium for Unreal.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @michico, it sounds like you are successfully storing a tileset on a server and loading into into Cesium for Unreal.

My guess would be there’s something wrong with your data.

Do the contents of your layer.json look reasonable?