Importing Cesium-React Component into Custom React Component using Typescript

I am attempting to create a storybook test that uses a react component in a module that uses typescript, babel, and webpack. My Map react component references and uses cesium and cesium-react components.

I already posted my problem on Stack Overflow and am hoping someone on this forum might be able to share some insight.

Thank you.

HI there,

We don’t support cesium-react, so if there is a problem using that, you should contact that project’s owner.

The only suggestion I can give here is that it looks like your trying to use requireJS (ERROR in ./node_modules/requirejs/bin/r.js), which you should not need to use directly if you’re using webpack.

We have a tutorial for the recommended webpack config with Cesium, and there are many community members on the forum here who are using TypeScript, hopefully someone may be able to chime in if there’s an issue there.