Including external functions from other projects in cesium

I would like to know how to include external functions in cesium. For example would it be possible to include these following scripts and make them work in cesium?

I could not figure out how include the functions to plot the lines on cesium from connected planets project( I already figured out how to plot it using catmullromspline and hermitespline in cesium. But i would like to know how to incorporate third party functions and make it work with the cesium viewer widget. If it could be explained the scope of cesium can be extended to a larger range.

Hi Jibin,

I suggest porting this to use the Cesium API. Checkout the polyline and billboard examples in Sandcastle.

As for Cesium/Three.js interop, we have plans to explore it. Keep an eye on #648.



Hey that is cool, even i would love to contribute on this. I would let you know of my progress if i am able to get through something. Please help me and guide me if i encounter some problems on the way.