Infinite horizontal scrolling in 2D

Hi Everyone,

I’m adding infinite horizontal scrolling in 2D. See here for a video demo.

Does anyone use the middle mouse drag or, when following an entity, the left mouse drag to rotate the map in 2D? Does anyone use code to change the camera orientation in 2D? If so, what is your use case?



Just in case it wasn’t clear in my original post, I plan to remove the ability to rotate the map in the 1.19 release.

Was this implemented in 1.19? I didn't see it in the release notes or when I tried the new release but was very excited about this feature.


It wasn’t quite ready to make it into this release, but it should be finished by 1.20.
You can keep an eye on this pull request to see when it gets merged in:



Is there a way to toggle this functionality off? It appears to be a little glitchy, at least in my instance.

Sorry, there isn’t way to toggle this off. What problems are you seeing? If there are bugs, we would like to fix them.



Thanks for the quick reply! It appears that the problem is with older versions of Firefox. I was experiencing problems on FF 24, but when I used FF 32 it performed great. I didn't see any errors in Firebug, so I'm not sure what the problem was.


Just upgraded to version 20. It look great!, are you planning on supporting infinite scrolling in Columbus view in the future?


J. Stoy


Glad you hear you like the 2D view! Adding infinite scrolling to columbus view is a little more complicated, and we probably won’t be adding that in the near future. Most of our efforts right now are going towards implementing 3D tiles to speed up dataset visualization. However, I imagine this is something we will come back to eventually.



Hi Daniel.

If infinite horizonal scrolling is incompatible with 2D map rotation, I think it should be possible to choose between them.



although i find the feature great, i kind of also think a configuration option is not a bad idea, there are some use cases where rotation make more sense, just thinking out loud if you want something like a "minimap" of what you are seeing in 3d or things like that.

Apart from that it seems there are some issues with internet explorer 11 (at least in version 20 (did not get to try 21, were there some updates related to this?).
It seems one "image" of the map moves in the oppsite direction of the next "image" when scrolling.

Another issue is it fits the zoom level to the width of the map not being able to display both poles at the same time (zoom out) using a normal 16:9 screen. Is there a way to change this behavior?

Thanks for all the great work,

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for reporting the scrolling bug in internet explorer. I’ve filed an issue on our GitHub here:

We’ll try to address that soon.



Hello Francisco,

An option to enable 2D map rotation was just added and will be available in the Cesium 1.23 release coming out on July 1st. You can see this pull request for details: