Infobox camera symbol

can someone give me a hint how to disable or hide the camera symbol of the infobox.

I tried:

viewer.infoBox.enableCamera = false;

Does not work.

Thanks for help!


Cesium widgets support being styled via CSS.

To do what you want, just add the following to your app’s CSS file or style block.

button.cesium-infoBox-camera {

display: none;


To further expand on this, each widget has it’s own CSS file so the InfoBox’s is in Source/Widgets/InfoBox/InfoBox.css. So if you’re ever curious as to how to style a specific widget, looking at these files is a good start, though I prefer to use the element inspection tool in your browser of choice to look up what classes are associated with a specific element.

Thanks, now I understand much better how it works together. I'm still learning :slight_smile: