InfoBox Dimensions

are infobox dimensions controllable through css or api to set min width and height?

at present it seems be to auto calculating based on the container size.

in low resolution screens we see scrolls we would like to increase width and height to avoid scrolls.

any examples or guidance would help

You should be able to control the size using CSS, which can either be statically changed by changing the size via a style tag or an included stylesheet.

example style modification:

.cesium-infoBox {
width: 200px;
height: 75px;


let me know if this helps, I can elaborate more if necessary.

When adding a datasource, I am able to append css to the head of the document and make subsequent changes to the infobox. The issue, however, is that doing so breaks the function such I can’t set specific properties on the entities. I’m not sure what is going on here, but I can essentially alter the info box css by wrapping the value of each entity’s description property. Appending css to the head of the document, however, makes it such that those other modifications never take place.

Also, I am never able to make use of any css added with a call such as the following:


Could you please provide some more insight?