Insert oblique photo overlays

I’ve got a set of photos that I’m wanting to place in cesium so that they appear at the ‘base’ of a viewport type pyramid, similar to what this KML page is presenting.

Is this possible in CZML (ideally) or via code in cesium?
I’m thinking possibly create a material with the image, and then a rectangle in 3d space representing the placement to apply the material too.



Hi @stevenHas Welcome here !
You are going correct, You can apply Image as material on Rectangle or Plane like:

material: {
        image: {
          image: { uri: "../images/Cesium_Logo_Color.jpg" },
          color: {
            rgba: [255, 255, 255, 128],

Please check this sandcastle example.


Thanks for getting back to me, I had existing polygon co-ord so I ended up running with something like this, thanks for confirming, it kept me on the right path!