Instance (.i3dm) support


i have seen that loading instance (.i3dm) is on your roadmap for Unreal.
It would be very usefull for foliage such as trees exported from realistic data (and not generated from raster as you propose in one of your tutorial).

Do you know when it will be available ? (some weeks, months or years)
It is a priority ?
Do you have some difficulties ?
Do you think it is possible in near futur ?


Hello @Greg2021 ,

We prototyped something related a while ago in this Cesium Unreal PR.

For instancing, we seem to be leaning towards EXT_mesh_gpu_instancing (a glTF extension) instead of i3dm. In this Cesium Native PR, I attempted to transcode i3dms into glTFs with the EXT_mesh_gpu_instancing extension. That transcode did not seem to be possible under the strict EXT_mesh_gpu_instancing spec, but I may need to revisit that PR to confirm.

I would expect that we add support for EXT_mesh_gpu_instancing before i3dm support, since i3dm is an older format. For any further datasets using instancing you plan on generating, I would recommend using EXT_mesh_gpu_instancing (specification here).

-Nithin Pranesh


if i understand, it was just a test ?
Do you plan to support it soon ?



Is it possible to load data in .i3dm format now
Is there any test data in my Assets