Ion Community-Free account and token management

I’m using my community Ion account at the moment for learning Cesium.
If something presentable comes out of it which I might want to have in my portfolio, let’s say a project on Github, the question of how to deal with the Ion resources and the token arises. In this context, the advantage of using Ion over for example, locally served WFS or local files would be that someone who looks at the portfolio could not only peruse the code, but build it and run it, and see the map/globe as it was designed, inclusive of the spatial data.
If I understand the docs correctly, the access tokens are meant to be handled as secrets.

I hadn’t written much (client-side) Javascript code for a number of years and am now trying to get back into it. From a server-side developer’s perspective, the normal way of handling this would be to neither have the token stored in the repo, nor to send it to the browser. Such a map in a portfolio with a server side approach would of course have to be hosted somewhere.
A browser side technology like Cesium has this attractive aspect that you can have a portfolio repo on Github and someone could just fetch and run it…

So I’m wondering if:
a) wanting to use Ion community account for a portfolio purpose is ok, and
b) if there are any good standard patterns regarding how to handle the token in this case