Is it possbile to add two different world terrain into one level

Kind of new to the Cesium, I didn’t touch too much to the source code kind of stuff.
Anyway, basically I was trying to have two world terrains, like one for the Earth and another for the Moon, using different dem and dom. After trying to add two 3dtileset actors into the map, I found that it seemed it’s kind of weired to look around and easily got crashed. I felt like not a good idea to do this way. So I was wondering whether currently cesium for unreal is designed to have only one actor render the terrain and the global image or there’s another kind of safer way/technique to handle the situation.

Hi @chixu0091, welcome to the forum!

It is possible to have two different world terrain tilesets in one level. However, they’ll likely be overlapping in most areas. It also means loading a lot of tiles, which may be hard on your machine.

Are you planning to have both tilesets always visible at the same time? Are they in the same place in your scene? I’d generally recommend disabling one for performance but I’m not sure how you are planning to use them. Any additional information you can share about your project will help me give specific guidance.