Is it possible to use CesiumJS without CesiumION?

I am not using CesiumION in any way, (I use my own Mapbox Access Token and provide my own data as a CZML file loaded off my server) is there anyway to remove the requirement to have to have a CesiumION account and token to use CesiumJS? (I am mostly interested in getting totally away from CesiumION so I no longer need to have its Attribution image in my map since I don’t even use it or any of its data.)

I have found that no mater what I have to have a CesiumION token otherwise CesiumJS complains about it.

Good question.
Of course possible if you can host all data such as images, terrain in yourself.

Then why can’t I get CesiumJS to work without a CesiumION api Token?

I am not using any thing from CesiumION that I know of, but of course CesiumJS doesn’t document what requires CesiumION and what doesn’t.

Got the tiles I am using my own Mapbox API token.

Cesiumjs should not complain about anything if you do not use anything from Ion.

   const viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
        imageryProvider: false,
        baseLayerPicker: false,

Just conformed.

I already have baseLayerPicker set to false. imageryProvider I have set to a MapboxStyleImageryProvider instance with my Mapbox API Token.

Online = Cesium.CzmlDataSource.load("/czml");
var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’,{shadows:true,timeline:false,vrButton:false,homeButton:false,animation:true,baseLayerPicker:false,navigationInstructionsInitiallyVisible:false,navigationHelpButton:false,imageryProvider :new Cesium.MapboxStyleImageryProvider({
styleId: ‘satellite-v9’,
accessToken: ‘redacted’
viewer.scene.globe.enableLighting = true;
var now = new Cesium.JulianDate();
viewer.clock.currentTime = now;
viewer.clock.shouldAnimate = true;

Unless enabling shadows or making a new JulianDate uses CesiumION I have no idea why I can’t remove my CesiumION token and use CesiumJS without a warning about using Cesium APIs with the default token…

I use a Viewer without Ion and don’t get any console warnings. In your browser dev tools, look for requests to Ion services and see what is triggering the requests, that might help track down what you’re missing.

Not any console warning just this, if I comment out setting my CesiumION token.

I looked thru the network traffic in dev tools and the only things related to Cesium in any way is getting the javascript assets from he 1.81 release folder.

I think the current CesiumJS just has to have a CesiumION token set other wise it complains, as even the Quickstart says you need a token.

Also looking at my CesiumION usage it shows nothing is being used.

Ah, now I get it. Maybe this is a recently-introduced bug then. Can you put together a minimal reproduction? Then you could file an issue on the tracker.

Not recent, as it existing in 1.7x release as well. I think its intentional imo. Seeing as some functions in CesiumJS do make calls to ION while that fact is not documented anywhere.