Is there a way to change Infobox timeout?

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When I click on an entity, the infobox window appears, but seems to go away on its own after 30 seconds or so. Is there a way to change this behavior?

It seems to be completely random... have a KML feed with entities. Infoboxes can remain on the screen for short or long periods of time but will go away with what seems for no reason. I can't really nail down what the exact behavior is.

I don’t think there is a timeout on the infobox disappearing. It should stay there as long as an entity is selected. You can see the logic for this here in Viewer.js:

I think you might be able to modify this behavior by listening to the selectedEntityChanged event or manually setting or unsetting (using selectedEntity = undefined) the viewer.selectedEntity.

Let me know if this helps. If it really is going away with no user input, are you able to replace this in a Sandcastle ( code example to show me?