Is there a way to simulate animation with stripe material?

I’ve been trying to think of a way to simulate “radar waves” with the stripe material. I’ve been testing it on the agi_rectangularsensor with no great results yet. My original thought was to alternate the even/odd stripes between 0 alpha and 255 alpha value in rgba. This kind of works, but it just doesn’t really look right and I’m hoping for something a bit cleaner.

The idea is to simulate animation of the sensor to give a visual representation of which radars are “active” at any given moment by making the material look as if its moving upward. I’ll include the czml of what I’ve come up with so far and hopefully someone can come up with an even better solution.



rectangularSensor.czml (1.61 KB)

The offset property of the stripe material is what you’re looking for. Offset tells the material where to “start” so increasing this value to 0.5, causes the even stripe to be halfway done at the beginning, making it 1.0 causes the material to start with the odd stripe. Using a sampled property for this value will cause it to animate the offset, creating a pulse.

Below is an example. In this case the stripe animated for 3600 seconds and during that time 1200 pulses will be generated.






















That is exactly why I was looking for, thanks!