Is there any way that change the node of loaded model's transparency and other properties.

I found the node's runtimeNode property in which I can modify some of the properties of the node.

But if I want to set a node alpha, for example, 0.5, what should I do.

I found the mesh bounding to the node. And in mesh materials uniformmap values diffuse value context alphabits and clearcolor alpha.

I don't know what these two stand for. And the alpha in clearColor can't be changed while the alphabis property can, but takes no effect. I tried viewer.render(). Still nothing happened.

So what's the right way to do that, and what's the CORRECT to modify nodes of models in runtime?

These are the values I mentioned.


This is something we plan on adding, but it’s not currently part of Cesium. We have a GitHub issue written up here:



So does this mean we can’t modify the material of rendered meshes in the latest version. The method highlighting nodes mentioned in issue #2387 is useful but may cost much more if the model is very large.

在 2016年7月14日星期四 UTC+8下午10:09:02,Hannah Pinkos写道:

That’s correct. You can try using ModelMaterial.setValue, but this will change the material for every node that is using that material. We have to make some significant changes to the way we load glTF models in order to support changing the material for just a single node.


I read all these issuses.

Dose it mean that this is solved by putting my gltf files into gltf-pipline and get the new gltf files?

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And what dose ‘global node transform’ mean in the gltf overview?(

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