Is there any way to disable picking for entities?

Hi in cesium primitives has options to enable/disable picking, But entities do not have that,

Hi @ajinRa020307,

Thank you for your question. According to our documentation, we currently do not support disabling picking for entities. I recommend checking out this thread for more context. It is possible that there is some sort of a workaround - any suggestions from the community?



Which picking method are you using? There’s no disable for entities, only parameters into the pick method for entities to ignore (so, if I had an array of my entities, you can send that in). I do my own filtering when picking instead of a global control for this in the API.

Maybe explain the issue you’re having? If you want to pick something and ignore the entities, you just sniff what you picked. If you use drillPick, same story, just loop through what’s picked and ignore anything with, for example, an id object and a primitive object (ie. if ( && picked.primitive ) {…} ).